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Improving Sales Process Efficiency


Getting the right prospect at the right time




In today’s B2B market, the options for advertising are wide and normally involve a big budget in order to achieve the target numbers for the sales funnel.


Having said that, it is well known that most online advertising campaigns suffer from low conversion rates of 2%-5%, increasing the cost of any marketing activity.


The more targeted we need our audience to be, the more difficult it is to get relevant prospects using simple keywords and basic profiling. Therefore there is a need to run more campaigns, trying to generate a deeper funnel with multiple call-to-actions that will indicate the prospect interest in the business/product/solution.


We, acting as head of your on-line marketing department, gather information from the sales team, marketing team, biz dev people and basically everybody who can share some insights on: Who is the best prospect to address? Who will be the optimal contact for the salesman to call? What differentiates one prospect from another? How do we identify the need for our product?


So many pieces of information are gathered and aim to be implemented in our campaigns, helping to modify and improve them – this is almost mission-impossible to generate such true profiling in today’s advertising atmosphere which decreases conversion rates drastically.


Not only that, but the prospects who “survive” the funnel are not always as qualified as we would like them to be, or lack of crucial updated information which wastes a lot of the sales team time, not allowing them to focus on the real task of selling.


When generating an advertising campaign there are known elements for the campaign manager: who are the targets, what are the goals, what budget do we wish to spend and what do we try to accomplish with this campaign.


Strangely enough, the most important element to each campaign remains at a high level of uncertainty -> who will read the advert on the other side? What if we could be sure of the readers? What if we could choose the exact profile of the audience for each advert? What if the prospect we get to our funnel are already qualified and with the most up-to-date information? We already achieve for our customers the next step in on-line promotion and B2B business generation. It dramatically increases conversion rates by simply being able to address the right companies and people with the right message. Moreover, from the sales prospective, the entire sales process is much more efficient and focused on sales, rather than qualification and prospecting.


Such a solution is offered by SALEAD QUAD (Qualified Advertising) platform, bringing the sales team the highly qualified sales leads by running highly targeted campaigns, providing only qualified prospects and up-to-date information and therefore increasing conversions to the range of 20%-85%.


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